What a year! At one point I was worried that we wouldn’t have much to write about in this year’s Ipsos MORI’s Almanac, but 2016 is a massive reminder that history never moves in straight lines. Millions of words have – and will – be devoted to explaining what drove Britain to Brexit and America to Trump – we cover both here. Inevitably we look at the art, science and judgement involved in political polling, which forms 0.1% of our work, but attracts most of the publicity.

Join us as we look at all aspects of life in Britain and further afield, from first dates, men in makeup, virtual reality, sugar and dieting, the best and worst politicians, celebrity deaths, what you are doing on your phone, immigration, the NHS and much much more.

To me the key words at the end of 2016 for anyone in business or politics must be uncertainty and fragmentation. History doesn’t proceed in an orderly fashion, and we face huge unknowns. The organisations that succeed in 2017 will be those that are most adaptable and resilient.

I hope you enjoy this year’s edition and look forward to seeing you at one of our events next year.

All the best for Christmas and a successful 2017.