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The end of the UK – or is it?

In Scotland, Brexit may mean independence. So, why are we here, how likely is ‘indyref 2’, and what is the state of public opinion on the issue? In the immediate aftermath of the referendum, resulting in Britain leaving the EU despite 62% of Scots voting to stay in, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that Brexit…

How stable is the UK constitutional settlement?

The UK is currently in the unique situation of heading for a second major constitutional referendum in three years, with significant consequences for the make-up of the UK and its role in the world. Last year’s Scottish independence referendum has kept the UK intact, but the vote has still produced significant change. On top of the…

A bombshell in Scottish politics

Scottish politics feels a little like a parallel universe at the moment. Despite the ‘No’ campaign carrying the day in September’s independence vote by nearly 400,000 votes, the Scottish National Party (SNP) is enjoying a huge post-referendum dividend while Labour and the other unionist parties may suffer heavily in next year’s election. The referendum losers…